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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-11
The launch of Samsung's new generation of machine kings has brought many problems to digital protectors. Samsung i9300 protective film and Samsung i9300's screen stickers are not solid? Upside-down? Will the 4.8-inch screen protector turn up? Now, the mobile phone protective film will discuss with you how to solve this problem. First of all, we must understand why the Samsung i9300 protective film is not real? Upside-down? Find out the reason and make it easier for the manufacturer to deal with. Samsung Galaxy SIII uses a curved screen (also called 'curved screen' or 'spherical screen'). The outer surface of the screen is polished into an arc on the glass frame, and the whole screen is curved around. The commonly used protective film material uses a layer thickness of about 0.125mm and has a certain degree of hardness. When the Samsung i9300 protective film is attached to a curved screen, it will appear to be incorrectly attached or warped. Of course, how can such a noble, gorgeous and perfect mobile phone really protect us? Even the best screen needs our protection to be used for a long time. It is still necessary to stick the film on the Samsung GalaxySIII. However, the film is easy to fall off when it is turned up. Doesn't it mean that the film needs to be changed frequently? The protective film is not true for Samsung i9300? Upside-down? After careful research and design, the new star generation 'Overlord Protective Film' was launched. This film is tailor-made for camber machines. The imported 3-layer PET material is purchased. The thickness of the used layer is only 0.06mm. It is 100% real machine. The size design provides a more perfect protective film for Samsung i9300.
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