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Samsung G9300 turns on private mode?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-28
Posted on 05.25 Samsung G9300 supports private mode, which can hide personal content in the device to prevent others from accessing it. To turn on the private mode, please follow the steps below. Method/Steps Turn on the phone, and in the standard mode, swipe the screen to the left. 1 Enter the main menu of the phone, find the [Settings] icon and click to enter. 2 After entering the [Settings] interface, swipe the screen upwards and select [Privacy and Security]. 3 In the [Privacy and Security] interface, select the [Private Mode] option, and click to enter. 4 At this time, the system will automatically pop up a dialog box. After reading the 'Disclaimer' prompt, click [Confirm]. 5 Click the slider on the right side of [Off], and then select a private mode access type. 6 There is a total of one type, here we will click on [digital password] as an example. 7 Enter the digital password to be set, and then click [Continue]. 8 Enter the digital password to be set again, and click [OK]. 9 When the button on the right turns blue, it means that the private mode has been enabled. as the picture shows. 10 If you light up the [Auto Disable] right slider switch, the privacy mode will be automatically disabled when the screen is turned off. 11
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