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return! The iOS 13 system update prompt can finally be blocked!

by:YoukingTech     2021-09-04
Now that iOS 13 cannot block system updates has been resolved, users can block system upgrade reminders by installing tvOS13 description files.   Since June 22, iOS 13 cannot block system updates has been resolved. Users can block system upgrade reminders by installing tvOS13 description files. Because the system always downloads upgrades and updates automatically, many people are unwilling to upgrade to the latest system, so there is a shielded update that says, if you have installed the description file before, you can install it as usual this time. After installing the description file, The mobile phone will display the latest system when the system is updated, so that the update reminder is not played.   In iOS 12, tvOS12 description files have been used well. Since the launch of iOS 13, the previous tvOS12 shielding description files have become invalid. It is not until tvOS is released that there is no chance to block system updates again. Now, as long as you install the tvOS description file, you can block automatic updates. The specific operation flow is as follows: Part 1: Install a new description file. Copy the following link to open the Safari browser: i4tools7/temp/ios_13_ipados_beta_profile.mobileconfig   Click 'Allow' to download the profile. After downloading, open the phone settings-General-Profile and install it:    You will find that after installing the profile, the system cannot detect the iOS system update and never Automatically downloading firmware takes up memory.   Note: This profile is only applicable to users of iOS 12-13, other system users can still use the previous profile to block the update.   What should I do if I want to upgrade the new system after blocking?   is very simple, after deleting the description file, open the phone's settings-general-software update to check the update, you can update to the latest system version. This is the end of the iOS 13 system update reminder information. If you think it is expensive, you can also choose lightning repair. The price is affordable and the quality is guaranteed. After all, we are professional in repairing mobile phones.
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