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​Repairers How to Remove Battery Replacement Warning Message?

​Repairers How to Remove Battery Replacement Warning Message?


Repairers How to Remove Battery Replacement Warning Message?

 Apple iphone lcd screen applies verification function on the battery, which can store verification information on the battery board and logic board. When replacing a battery, if the new battery cannot match the verification information, it will show this warning message. It's a feature that Apple wants.

 By activating a dormant software lock on their iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max, Apple makes only their batteries can go in iPhone, and only they can install them.  If you replace the battery of iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max iPhone by yourself, a warning message appears under “Battery Health"interface.  It is normally an indication that the battery needs to be replaced. The message still shows up when you put in a brand new battery even a genuine Apple battery.

 There shouldn't be anything special about it that requires your iPhone to verify where it came from-it's your phone, after all, and you should be free to use an Apple-bestowed battery or a third-party battery however you want.  This issue isn't about the actual health of the battery itself, because Apple even flags its own batteries as not authentic and in need of "service."

 Authenticating batteries is a “feature" that isn't designed to enhance an iPhone user's experience.  Fortunately now there is a way to remove the message.  So for repairers if end users really want to solve this issue, we can do as the following steps.  The principle is to install the original battery flex ( protection board) on the new battery.

 Firstly, Take down the original battery from the phone.

Secondly ,Take down battery flex cable.  Use a tweeter to roll up the outer layer to reveal the battery flex cable of the original battery.  Set the temperature to 360C, and use a soldering iron to take down the flex cable.  Please note that do not touch the battery polarities to avoid a short circuit or burn-out.  Then take down the flex cable from the new battery with the same method and pay attention to the battery polarities as well.

Thirdly, Install battery flex cable.  After taking down both flex cable from the original battery and new battery, let's install the original battery flex cable on the new battery.  First of all, we need a PCB holder to operate the flex cable installation. Apply insulation paste on a PCB holder, so that the battery flex cable will not be short-circuited.  Then apply solder flux on the new battery.

At last, weld the original battery flex cable on the new battery.  Please note that the steps seem simple, but only professionals can do it.

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