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Repair case of iPhone 5 flash not flashing when taking pictures

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-26
Posted on 04.30. An iPhone 5 mobile phone said that the phone had been exposed to water. At first, the flash was always on and could not be turned off. Later, it was found that the flash did not flash when taking pictures. Method/Steps Failure analysis: After the phone is flooded, the flashlight is still on, it must be a short circuit. The booster coil is always working and it is easy to burn out. 1 Troubleshooting: Open the shielding cover at the back and find that the booster coil L5 is corroded and rusted. After replacement, the flashing is normal. The fault is eliminated. The position of the booster coil L5 is shown in Figure 1. 2
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