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Redmi Note 10 Pro official creative mobile phone case picture tour: full of artistic sense-mobile phone case,Redmi Note

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-29
On June 10, the Redmi mobile phone officially announced that the domestic sales of the Redmi Note10 series exceeded 1 million units in just 9 days after the launch. It is 4 days ahead of the 13 days of last year's Redmi Note9 series, which shows its strength. The Redmi Note10 series includes two models, Note10 and Note10 Pro, and the first special price starts at 999 yuan and 1499 yuan, respectively. The official also launched creative mobile phone cases for the Redmi Note 10 series, including Impressionist and 8-bit models, both priced at 69 yuan. We have already got these two phone cases in Kuai Technology. Do you like them? The Redmi Note 10 Pro creative phone case adopts a unique double-layer texture design, which is out of the plane and has a three-dimensional sense of hierarchy. The design of Impressionist mobile phone cases is inspired by the art of impressionism. The overlap of ink and color brushstrokes and light and shadow is the sunrise, sunset, and extension of unlimited imagination. The 8-bit mobile phone case is Redmi’s tribute to the first batch of video game players, with 8bit pixel blocks as the core design element, with different shades, patchwork, retro and classic. The two mobile phone cases are made of TPU material, which is flexible and anti-drop, precise mold opening of the real machine, tightly fitting the body, and comprehensive protection. The surface is matte, comfortable to hold, non-slip and fingerprint-proof.
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