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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-09
The PET protective film is soft and is made of polyethylene coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive. What is the role of such a PET protective film? The surface of the PET protective film is made of high-quality environmentally friendly glue. After special processing, it can be peeled off the surface of the protected object without any residual glue. The first role of PET protective film is protection. Sticking the PET protective film on the surface of the product that needs to be protected can effectively protect it, so that the product will not be soiled or scratched due to accidents during its own processing, transportation and storage. damage. PET protective film is suitable for all kinds of stainless steel products, aluminum alloy products and plexiglass products, as well as high-end furniture, lacquered panels, mirror panels, etc., as well as high-end decorative panels and building boards. This is one function, and the other is a powerful function in addition to protection-sheltering. When the product is in production, some places on the surface require deep processing such as spraying and some places do not need to go into deep processing again. The PET protective film can help you at such a difficult time. Cover the parts that do not need to be processed with a protective film to prevent the parts that do not need to be processed from being damaged during the deep processing of the parts that need to be processed, especially when you want to perform a variety of color spraying. Is obvious.
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