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Protective film solves this problem, protective film manufacturer-dongguan protective film manufacturer

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-08
PET protective film is a common material on the market, but due to the chaotic market, many businesses produce products with some quality problems. There are mainly the following four. The first is PET protective film and materials The problem of weak bonding between them is easy to fall off during transportation or use. The reason for this problem is that the protective film product did not use pressure-sensitive adhesive with sufficient viscosity during production, or The pressure of the laminator is not enough. The second is that the protective film will be warped after being used for a period of time. This should be the reason why the protective film stretches too much when it is pasted, especially in case of The phenomenon of shrinkage is very easy to occur after the high temperature. The third problem is degumming, and the most important reason is that the glue used by the manufacturer is too viscous. The ultrasonic cell crusher manufacturer found that the last problem is The protective film is difficult to peel off, which should be the quality of the glue. Electrostatic PET protective film is referred to as electrostatic PET film, which is a common surface protective film material. It is widely used in industrial production and brings great convenience to our lives. , But there are also many problems in use. The more common ones are the problems of lifting and peeling of the electrostatic PET film and residual glue. The following editor will introduce how to solve these problems. The first kind, The two ends of the electrostatic PET film are warped. The main reason is that the protective film will shrink when it is pasted due to the excessive stretching and the high temperature environment. We can be as careful as possible when pasting to avoid excessive Stretching. Second, if you encounter residual glue, it may be because the peeling strength of the electrostatic film does not meet the needs, because the stronger the viscosity, the worse the peeling strength. Stainless steel chain plate manufacturers tell us that it is difficult to peel off For this kind of problem, we must choose the products of regular manufacturers to ensure the quality. Professional production of protective film, mobile phone protective film, PET protective film, screen protective film, three-layer PET protective film. If there is a need for protective film information or wholesale information, call Our hotline.
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