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Protective film of various materials, die-cut PE, PET protective film, three-layer PET protective film, mobile phone protective film

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-07
The surface protective film is actually a kind of packaging film used to protect the surface of the article, and is used for packaging the surface of the article. When purchasing, you should consider all aspects to ensure that the protective film can really protect the item and whether it can play the role of the protective film. The surface protective film is inexpensive and has a better use effect. And it is easy to use and is loved by the masses. The surface protective film must have the following characteristics: 1. The surface protective film should be inert to the surface of the material to be protected, does not react with the surface, and does not corrode or pollute the surface. 2. The surface protective film has good adhesion to the material to be protected. In the process of material handling and processing, the protective film will not warp or fall off. Now many protective films are mostly self-adhesive or have electrostatic adsorption, which can be very good The surface of the attached item. 3. The surface protective film has good weather resistance and adhesive strength stability. After several days or long pasting, the peel strength does not increase significantly, and it is easy to remove. When removed, there is no residual glue on the protected surface. 4. The surface protective film has good processing adaptability and meets the needs of deep processing of the protected object. Before the development and application of the surface protective film, the protection of the surface of the article basically relied on coating a layer of water-proof and oil-proof solvent on it. This method is inefficient, and the protection function is not obvious. Even residual dirt is left on the surface of the article, which seriously affects The beauty of the item. The protective film basically does not leave any residual glue or pollution marks on the surface of the article, so that the surface of the article is as clean as ever.
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