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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-12
It is far from enough for electronic protective film to meet the needs of consumers with its multifunctional features. In the face of the diverse needs of consumers, the protective film produced by the company is not only reflected in the unique versatility, but also in A complete range of sizes and models. At present, the production and application of domestic PE protective film is still in a high-speed and extensive growth stage. Due to the impact of the wave of environmental protection, consumers have put forward higher and higher requirements for commodity packaging. Green protective film packaging is required by the development trend of international environmental protection, and it also represents the development trend of the packaging industry in various countries. It is one of the important contents of improving product market competitiveness and avoiding new trade barriers. The greening of protective film has also become one of the important development trends. The protective film truly has the honorary title of the global functional screen protective film expert. As a major mobile phone consumer market, mainland China currently produces and sells more mobile phone screen protective films. After several years of development, it has been able to produce better protective films. Although there is still a certain gap between Japanese protective films, At present, there has been a trend towards high-quality products, and in the past two years, protective film manufacturers from Japan and South Korea have put into production or established joint ventures in the mainland. However, there are still fewer manufacturers specializing in the production of protective film original film. Because the original film production and coating process of protective film are more complicated, many technical aspects need to be broken through, and the investment in a good set of blowing film and coating line is relatively high. There are not many manufacturers of real protective film original film, and even fewer can make good original film. What happens to the phone screen without a protective film? What will happen? Streaking! I believe many friends will answer this way. But the editor deeply understands the hidden meaning behind this question. In fact, I want to ask whether the screen of a mobile phone without a protective film is easily damaged? Many enthusiastic netizens have their own different opinions. For example, the mobile phone can be streaked for a year without stress, and the film is scratched and so on. Whether or not to stick the mobile phone film is a matter of opinion, but although the current mobile phone screen is relatively strong and wear-resistant, it will inevitably be damaged if it touches a sharp object. The 4 corners of the phone and the center of the screen are the most fragile places. A good quality film can reduce screen wear. Different films have different characteristics, such as a protective film with independent packaging, which has good elasticity and good light transmission. In addition, a good film can withstand some pressure and expansion force, which can reduce the degree of damage when the phone is broken. Due to the lack of paper and jute resources in our country, plastic is an inevitable trend as the main packaging material, and its development will greatly exceed other traditional packaging materials. China's output of cement, fertilizers, and building materials ranks first in the world. The output of pillar industries such as mineral products and bulk chemical products is also in the forefront of the world. All of them have great demand for packaging products such as composite films and packaging films. China is also a world of food and fruit. The largest production country, with an annual output of nearly 500 million tons, and a wide variety of plastic packaging films. At present, BOPP packaging films, BOPET films, and CPP films are mainly produced and used in bulk, which are mainly used in textiles, food, medicine, tobacco, cosmetics and Packaging of audio-visual products. Specializing in the production of protective film, mobile phone protective film, PET protective film, screen protective film, three-layer PET protective film. If there is a need for protective film information or wholesale information, call our hotline.
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