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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-11
At present, pet protective film is mainly divided into glue type and electrostatic type. The electrostatic type is completely without glue. It depends on the electrostatic adsorption ability to stick on the highly smooth product. This usage is relatively environmentally friendly and convenient; there are other types of glue, This kind of surface is widely used. Both smooth surface products and frosted surface products need this protection, and the glued surface can be used to stick to the surface of the product. In a dust-free workshop, since it is necessary to eliminate any dust pollution, it is necessary to apply a rubberized PE protective film to stick the dust on the body and the sole of the shoe. At present, our customers who have such needs generally need to wear blue or milky white. The protective film has a viscosity of about 250, so the use effect will be more reasonable and convenient. If the viscosity is not sticky enough, the ideal effect of use will not be achieved. If it is serious, it will directly affect the production of the dust-free workshop, so choosing the right protective film is a very important step. The pet protective film has a wide range of applications, which can bring help to major industries, and can be well attached to the product as a good lamination protective film.
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