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Precautions for the operation steps of mobile phone LCD screen film-shenzhen optical materials production and supply

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-03
1. First put the protective film on the LCD screen to determine the direction of posting. 2. Use a fiber cloth to try to remove fingerprints, dust, oil stains and dirt on the LCD screen. 3. Use the removable sticker attached to the protective film of the phone to tear off the bottom paper. 4. Gently stick the protective film on the screen, and use a flat scraper to remove air bubbles. 5. Make sure that the LCD screen is free of dust before sticking the film. 6. When sticking the film, your fingers should avoid contact with the veneer of the film, so as not to leave dust on the veneer, and there will be bubbles when sticking. 7. It is best to make sure to stick it once, so as not to leave dust when sticking again, and there will be bubbles after sticking. 8. When tearing off the release film, don't tear it off all at once, just tear it off and paste it a little bit first.
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