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Practical|Solution to mobile phone touch screen failure

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-24
Posted on 08.07 Nowadays, large-screen mobile phones have already become a popular trend. The screen almost occupies the entire mobile phone. Therefore, once the mobile phone falls on the ground or comes into close contact with other hard objects, it will be a cup. Sometimes there is no damage on the surface if you drop it, but the touch screen can no longer be used. Don’t worry, if your mobile phone’s touch screen fails, you can use the following 7 tips to solve it. Methods/Steps to clean the screen. Static electricity caused by the dry screen will cause the touch screen to fail. Gently wipe the entire screen with your hand, or remove the protective film. Just come down and clean the screen. 1 Press the lock screen button Sometimes the touch screen does not respond. It is not because the touch screen is malfunctioning, but the phone has started to freeze due to insufficient memory. Press the lock screen button several times and it may be restored. 2 Restart the phone There are no mobile phone problems in the world that cannot be solved by restarting the phone. If so, restart it again. If the battery is removable, remember to remove the battery. If not, wait for the hot phone to return to normal temperature before restarting. 3 Uninstall the newly installed software. If the above method does not solve the problem, the cause of the failure of the phone’s touch screen may be the incompatibility of the software and the system. You can try to download the latest software Uninstall, if the problem is should give up the software, good luck. 4 Keep away from the magnetic field. If your phone’s touch screen is deviated, please check whether there is a magnetic field around you. Try to stay away from it, and it may return to normal. 5 Use at normal temperature The temperature environment also has a great influence on the touch screen mobile phone. The mobile phone cannot even be turned on under low temperature, and high temperature may damage the mobile phone. So you know, don’t try to make your phone work in extreme weather. 6 Restoring factory settings/flashing is similar to the touch screen failure caused by mobile phone poisoning. The only way is to clean the virus or flash the phone. At this time, it is best to back up the files, and the operation should be safe and fast, so as not to cause unnecessary loss. 7
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