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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-14
Product features of PET silicone protective film: 1. The surface is specially processed to prevent scratches and wear resistance. 2. The silicone composite layer is used as the adhesive to prevent the formation of bubbles. 3. It can be pasted repeatedly without leaving any traces and not corroding the surface. 4. The light transmittance is above 95%, with non-reflective enhancement of the color reproduction of the display screen. 5. With anti-ultraviolet and anti-glare. 6. It can effectively absorb part of the direct collision to protect the display screen. 7. Easy to stick without residual glue. 8. It can effectively prevent the abrasion of the touch screen. 9. Many varieties and complete models. 10. It is safe and reliable, does not contain any harmful components to the human body, and complies with EU environmental protection standards.
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