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PET silicone protective film has extremely good performance, desktop computer screen protective film wholesale manufacturer

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-14
1. Ultra-clean coating is applied in a thousand-level (dust/liter) clean room operation room, and suspended and dried in a 10,000-level clean room operation room. 2. Accurate release force control ion gravure technology enables us to accurately control the release force of the release film, which can range from 7G/50mm to 1400G/50mm. The current conventional products are extremely light, light, medium, and heavy. Five release force levels such as, extremely heavy, etc., can meet your different requirements for release force in die-cutting processing, and make your processing frugal and feasible. In addition, we can also customize products with the release force you need for your different needs. 3. Anti-humidity is especially outstanding in the humid production environment in southern China. 4. Anti-silicone oil drop The unique ion gravure technology of the pet protective film makes the adsorption of silicone oil stronger. When the tape is lifted from the release film, it will not take away the silicone oil, thus making it cleaner. Often used in lens protective film. 5. Anti-static 6. The non-slip release film has a non-slip surface, which can make the processed goods easy to pack and use. 7. A variety of different thicknesses are used to meet the different needs of processing technology. 8. A variety of colors are available in a variety of colors, such as transparent, blue, green, etc. PET protective film manufacturers
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