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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-15
Electrostatic film ---- is adsorbed on the screen by static electricity. After the screen is wiped clean, it is attached. The adsorption is very strong, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off. After that, the screen of the phone flashed brightly and looked completely new. Now that there are more and more touch screen mobile phones, the electrostatic film is most suitable for touch screen mobile phones, and it does not affect the touch of the mobile phone screen at all! Note: It relies on electrostatic adsorption, not stickiness. It can only stick to a flat screen. The bumpy screen can't stick to it, and the back and keyboard can't stick to it. The above mentioned is the general electrostatic film. The model electrostatic film usually refers to the model high-definition film. For model stickers, such as Samsung 9000, only 9000 can be attached. A few are universal, such as Apple 4/4s, because the screen size of mobile phones is the same. Matte film-can effectively prevent fingerprints and greasy, but the clarity is slightly affected, not as high as electrostatic film, of course, does not affect normal reading. Diamond film-----; after pasting, it can effectively prevent fingerprints and greasiness. Of course, the price is to affect the clarity of the screen, but it only affects a little bit. It is not as clear as a high-transparent film. Please pay attention to this point. Divided into silver diamonds and gold diamonds, silver diamonds flash silver, gold diamonds flash cash.
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