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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-12
Three-layer PET protective film is usually used for mobile phone film and tablet computer film, mainly for the screen that does not cause scratches when the finger is swiped on the screen and can achieve pressure response. The PET film used on the screen usually has three structures, release film + protective film + release film, the middle layer is the use layer, that is, a layer of film that is actually attached to the screen, and the release film is wrapped outside the use film. The main function of the type film is isolation, filling, protection and easy peeling. Protect the integrity and smoothness of the used film, and will not produce air bubbles on the screen and affect the use and appearance. The surface hardening treatment of the three-layer PET protective film can resist scratches for 3h-4h. It has good weather resistance, low adhesion and is easy to tear off, and has a super high light transmittance effect. There is no residual glue after removal, so that the product It also has a high degree of difficulty and stiffness, is suitable for large-size fpd displays, and is not easy to cover the air to produce bubbles during the special design, which can increase the beauty of the flat-panel display. The surface is treated with high wear resistance and scratch resistance, a layer of release film + a layer of pet protective film + a layer of pe protective film. The total thickness is 0.235mm (23.5c), of which the pet protective film is about 0.125mm. The width is 1050mm and the length is 200m. Mainly used in pda, dv, dc, laptop...display screen protection. Wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and high transparency can be used randomly throughout the life. It is the preferred protective film for the display screen of high-end digital products.
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