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PET protective film, mobile phone protective film factory

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-14
Mobile phone protective film can be divided into: Iphone5/4/4S protective film, Samsung S4 (i9500) protective film, Samsung note2 (n7100) protective film, ipad2/3/4 protective film, ipadmini protective film, Samsung N5100 protective film Film, HTCone protective film, Nokia 925 protective film, Motorola MT788 protective film, Sony l36h protective film, ZTE GrandS (V988) protective film, Xiaomi 2S protective film, Microsoft surface protective film, Lenovo K900, etc. Material characteristics of mobile phone protective film 1. Special process is adopted, and the surface is treated with high hardness, which can reach 5H, which can effectively prevent the LCD screen from scratching. 2. The use of optical anti-impact TPU polymer material, anti-impact treatment, effectively prevent external forces from damaging the LCD screen. 3. With high light transmittance, the total light transmittance is more than 93%, which ensures the high definition of the LCD screen. 4. Using special silica gel resin, it has low-viscosity automatic adsorption capacity, high exhaust performance, and effectively prevents air bubbles. 5. It has good re-peelability, no degumming, and effectively prevents residual glue from being left on the surface of the LCD screen.
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