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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-15
As we all know, protective film is usually used to package goods, as well as prevent dust, scratches, oil stains, fingerprints and so on. Nowadays, many products for sale generally have protective film on the surface packaging, so the market for protective film is very large, but in the uneven market, it is inevitable that you will encounter the quality of protective film. Baolun is a protective film company that has been operating for more than ten years. The professional film manufacturer will introduce to you the problems that may be encountered when using PET protective film and how to solve it. 1. Whether the color or transparent PET protective film is not firmly attached to the protected product, it will fall off during transportation and use. The biggest possibility is the sensitive adhesive used in the production of protective film products. If the viscosity is not enough, there is another possibility that the pressure of the press molding machine used by the user is not enough when the mold is applied, or the surface of the profile is not clean, there is dust or paint, etc., which affects the sticking effect of the sensitive adhesive! If this problem occurs, it is necessary to address the cause, prescribe the right remedy, replace the sensitive adhesive, increase the pressure of the film, or pay attention to the effective cleaning of the surface of the profile when applying the film, so as to avoid such problems. 2. The protective film performs well after being used for a period of time, but the two ends are winged. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the protective film is stretched to a large extent during the pasting process on the profile to be protected, or After the protective film is attached, unnecessary shrinkage occurs in a high temperature environment. This problem mostly occurs in the products of southern customers. Therefore, the PET protective film should pay attention to the impact of environmental temperature difference on the use of the product during the production process. , Avoid unnecessary surface stretching during the pasting process.
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