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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-14
First, let's first understand the difference in performance between acrylic protective film and silicone protective film? At present, most of the PET protective films we use are made of silica gel. The PET protective film of silica gel is more widely used than the PET protective film of the acrylic glue. For example, the PET protective film that is widely used in mobile phone screens is required to have silica gel. Moreover, the protective film of silica gel can withstand higher temperatures than acrylic glue. Acrylic protective film is mainly used for packaging high-gloss products and as a membrane switch. This is a cheap and easy-to-use film. When we get a PET protective film product, how do we distinguish between the acrylic protective film and the silicone protective film? The easiest and fastest way is to scrape the rubberized surface of the protective film with your hands. The silicone that does not produce glue or powder is silicone, and the opposite is acrylic glue. Therefore, silica gel is also called powder-free glue. In addition, there are several differences between PET silicone protective film and PET acrylic adhesive protective film: a. Acrylic adhesive is very sticky, and there is residual glue after tearing off, while the viscosity of silicone is relatively low, and there is no residual glue after tearing off. . b. In terms of transparency, acrylic adhesive is better than silicone. c. Silicone has good temperature resistance, easy to control the flatness of the rubber surface, and good low temperature characteristics. Acrylic glue is easy to process and produce, has good transparency, low price, good weather resistance, and strong viscosity. d. Put the protective film on the surface of the object to be affixed, lightly tap it with your finger, the one that quickly bonds with no or less bubbles is silica gel, and the one that bonds slowly and generates bubbles is acrylic glue.
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