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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-14
There are many types of PET protective films. Like domestically produced PET protective films, the substrates are all high-end PET substrate manufacturers in Japan and South Korea. The main products are: single-layer PET protective film, PET silicone protective film, PET acrylic protective film , PET anti-scratch protective film, PET single-sided (double-sided) hardened film. Why does PET protective film need to have the characteristics of high temperature resistance? This question starts with the use of PET protective film. Application areas of PET protective film 1. Engineering protection of various lenses and screens. 2. Anti-scratch protective film for various electronic products. 3. LCD touch screen, film window, printing film. 4. Membrane switches, membrane panels (instrument panels, household appliances panels) and other uses.
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