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PET protective film, factory direct PET protective film, high-quality single-layer PET protective film cold laminating film

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-16
Introduction of mobile phone protective film materials: PET is an important product in the protective film industry. Its appearance is milky white translucent or colorless and transparent. It is a formulated material for card manufacturing and lens industries. PET is a medium barrier material. The relative density of PET film is 1.38, the light transmittance is 90%, and the water absorption rate of PET is 0.6%, which has great water absorption. Super absorbent polyester chips: add specific additives (porogen) to PET resin to make far-infrared polyester chips: add ceramic powder in the process of PET resin synthesis, because ceramic powder has the special function of emitting far infrared, it is made Fiber has good health care effects such as heat storage and heat preservation, promotion of blood circulation and so on. Flame-retardant polyester chips: adding phosphorus flame retardant to the PET resin to obtain copolymerized flame-retardant chips, the fiber made has ideal heat-resistant and flame-retardant properties. Fluorescent whitening polyester chips: In the process of PET resin synthesis, fluorescent whitening agent is added to make it evenly dispersed in the resin, and the resulting chips have significant fluorescence. In fiber products, it can improve the whiteness of natural fabrics or the vividness of colored fabrics. Antibacterial polyester chip: It adopts nano-silver inorganic antibacterial agent and is synthesized by a unique process, which can be processed into various specifications of antibacterial polyester fiber. High-shrinkage polyester chips: Introduce co-polymerizing agent into the PET macromolecules to reduce the crystalline content in the polyester molecules, increase the amorphous area, and finally make the fiber achieve high orientation and low crystallinity, and produce shrinkage effect, due to chemical modification The molecular structure is changed, excellent permanent high-shrinkage fiber can be obtained, and the fiber is easy to dye. After being spun or blended with other fibers after heat treatment, it can form a bulky yarn with strong elasticity and softness, and the fabric appears rich. , Dense, beautiful, good drape, soft hand feeling, which greatly improves the grade level of chemical fiber fabrics, and its boiling water shrinkage rate can reach more than 20%.
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