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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-15
PE protective film: use high surface energy polyethylene film as the base material. A special surface decoration protection material made by coating special acrylic vinegar type pressure-sensitive adhesive on its surface. From the packaging of the product to the end-use customer, the product can get a good decorative effect and protective function. 1. Product features: special adhesive, outstanding base material, high adhesion, high cohesion, low peeling force, excellent followability. 2. Scope of application of protective film: 1. L15 is low-viscosity type: suitable for organic PC board, instrument board, 8K mirror copper plate smooth surface and polishing, silver white, oxidation, imitation steel aluminum profile series, etc. 2. M60 is an electrophoresis medium-stick type: suitable for electrophoresis aluminum profiles, non-metallic painted aluminum profiles and ceiling series, such as ivory white, Chinese red, etc. 3. H80 is electrophoresis ordinary matte type: suitable for smooth electrophoresis, fine grain matte metal materials, etc. 4. H100 is frosted high-viscosity type: suitable for frosted stainless steel, aluminum profile frosted materials and fine-faced silver flash aluminum profile series. 5. G150 is a super high-viscosity type: suitable for extremely rough surface difficult-to-adhesive profiles and oxygen-carbon series profiles.
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