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Personality choice, more intimate protection for iPhone-Dongguan mobile phone protective film [detailed picture]

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-10
Personality Choice Gives more intimate protection to the iPhone while understanding the material of the film, consumers also need to understand the characteristics of the film with different functions in order to choose the product that really suits them. Adhere to the user’s point of view, five major product series are provided according to the specific and different needs of different iPhone users: the clear film series adopts a completely transparent screen protector, which perfectly presents the excellent display effect of the retina screen; the anti-fouling film series has no trace protection and zero fingerprints The use of the mirror film series makes the phone appear mirrored when the screen is dark; the anti-peep film series protects personal privacy, and the 60-degree viewable area can effectively prevent peeping; the anti-glare series can minimize glare , So that users can watch the screen comfortably even in bright conditions. All of the mobile phone protective film series of products are made of PET, which is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material. It has a relatively hard texture, strong surface resistance to friction and scratches, and has high light transmittance and can prevent glare. Avoid dust adsorption and other advantages. In addition, it can restore the excellent display effect of the retina screen to the greatest extent, ensuring the best screen visibility of the iPhone.
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