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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-13
1. 99% light transmittance: First of all, the '99% light transmittance' claimed by many protective film products is actually impossible to achieve. Now the highest light transmittance is optical glass, whose light transmittance is only about 97% . Screen protectors made of plastic materials cannot reach the level of 99% light transmittance, so the propaganda of '99% light transmittance' is an exaggeration. There are only a few high-quality mobile phone film products on the market that have a light transmittance of about 95%, and BG Micro-Loss is one of them. The light transmittance of inferior film is generally below 80%, which seriously affects the display effect of the screen and indirectly reduces the brightness of the screen. Long-term use will increase eye fatigue. 2. 4H abrasion resistance: Some mobile phone protective film products are often seen on the market marked with '4HFirst of all, everyone must understand the 'rainbow pattern' of the protective film. The so-called 'rainbow pattern' is because the substrate needs to pass a high temperature during the hardening treatment, and during the high temperature treatment, the uneven molecular structure of the substrate surface will cause scattering. The higher the intensity of the hardening treatment, the more difficult it is to control the rainbow pattern. The existence of the rainbow pattern affects the light transmittance and visual effects. The high-quality protective film is difficult to see the rainbow pattern with the naked eye after the film is applied. Therefore, the rainbow pattern is actually the product of the hardening treatment. The higher the strength of the hardening treatment, the stronger the rainbow pattern of the protective film. The best hardening effect is generally only 3.8H without affecting the visual effect. Between 4.1H. If the value exceeds this value, either the wear resistance is falsely reported, or the rainbow pattern is prominent. Mobile phone protective film business: mobile phone protective film: high-definition protective film, frosted protective film, diamond protective film, color diamond film, skin texture color film, mirror film, privacy film, anti-myopia film, local gold film, transparent edge sticker, flash Drill film, tempered glass film, cartoon film
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