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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-13
The most uniquely functional coated metal product surface protective film is widely used in architectural decoration, elevators, home appliances, kitchenware, electronic components, backlight aluminum frames, lampshades, telecommunication cabinets, metal stamping, etc. China's most professional protective film production and wholesale Base, some of the commonly used protective films around the home, commonly used vegetable cling film, mobile phone screen saver, computer protective film, the current Apple mobile phone protective film is also very popular with everyone, about 2/3 of the consumption of China’s protective film is used as packaging materials, agricultural products It accounts for about 30%. The rest is used as the surface protective film of coated metal products such as electrical materials, photosensitive materials and electronic information materials to ensure that the metal products are not damaged during production, processing, installation and transportation. This also reduces the quality of some products. Risks of problems in the production process The surface protective film of coated metal products has the shape of rolls, tubes, etc. There are also a variety of colors for merchants to choose what they need. The material used by Zhengzhou Uniform Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. must be the best. The raw materials of assured value have also brought special effects to manufacturers while they are in use. The response is good. China has been developing such advanced protective films and has also developed multiple functional protective films. The prospects for protective films are still very good. of
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