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Over the last decade, laptops have become all the rage

by:YoukingTech     2021-06-12

Netbooks are compact, streamlined mobile devices designed specifically for the Internet, so you can stay online while you're on the go. You can access your email and social profiles, watch digital videos on YouTube, view photos, listen to music, keep updated on the latest scores, and get the current weather conditions.

You may have noticed a friend or colleague with a netbook. They look like laptops, but are smaller and much more affordable. A netbook specializes in portability and the web, so it's great for traveling or supplementing your home desktop or main laptop computer. A netbook, however, does not feature the full capabilities of a laptop, so it may not be a proper replacement.

Netbooks have also been called mini-laptops and sub-notebooks, but these small systems are low-cost and low-power, creating high demand for the hottest thing to hit laptops since the touchscreen. You can find options below $300, such as the Dell Inspiron Mini 10v Netbook, or the Acer Aspire.

The Dell Inspiron is everything you want in a mobile companion. They are small, but are still packed with tons of features inside: 16:9 LCD display surface ratio, advanced wireless options, optional built-in GPS, and your choice of over 200+ artist designs for customization. It packs an Intel Atom processor, Windows XP Home Edition SP3, 1GB of RAM, and 160GB of hard drive space.

The Acer Aspire is the ultimate 'take-me-with-you' mobile device. It sports an LED display that presents bright, clear imagery for very enjoyable viewing experience, while the small but powerful processor and large hard disk drive deliver the performance of a full-sized notebook. What makes the Acer Aspire more attractive is its lithium ion battery that lasts up to 3 hours, giving its user extended juice for fun staying in touch with friends and family.

At a minimum, your netbook should come equipped with an Intel Atom N270 CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB or larger hard drive, and WIndows XP, with Bluetooth as a preferred option for those who want a smart phone for mobile broadband access. Higher-end options that may be available are 11.6-inch displays, higher screen resolutions, and new graphics hardware. What you get your netbook equip with is up to you, but no matter the options, it is always an affordable decision.

If you want to go and stay connected, but don't need the full capabilities of a laptop, a netbook is the perfect solution. It uses low amounts of power while sustaining the full extension of your digital life. An affordable netbook is the perfect portable gift for those Internet junkies in the family that connect for digital entertainment, not digital drudgery.

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