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OV’s new machine officially broke the news again, which one do you like better?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-08
In terms of material selection, glass is the mainstream application this year. Whether pure texture or transparent gloss, glass is more flexible than metal. Therefore, the glass material of X23 can undoubtedly give designers more leeway. On the vivo official website, the official X23 pre-sale is now officially opened, and the appearance has been officially disclosed. vivo calls the screen on the X23 a 'water drop screen' with a screen ratio of over 91.2%. In addition, the machine also focuses on super wide-angle photography. In addition, X23 comes standard with screen fingerprint function, and is the fourth-generation photoelectric screen fingerprint, which will further improve the unlocking and recognition speed. The detailed configuration of vivo will be officially announced tomorrow. According to previous reports, the vivo X23 will be equipped with a Snapdragon 670/710 processor, a new screen fingerprint system, a rear 3x telephoto lens and 8GB memory, and an independent audio DAC chip. OPPO will hold a new product launch conference in Building 7 of Shanghai Shangsheng New Office on August 23, when OPPO R17 will officially meet with you. Now, OPPO has announced the price of one of the versions. Vivo will release the X23 mobile phone in the near future. This mobile phone is also currently in the official warm-up mode. It is reported that the vivo X23 will focus on AI ultra-wide-angle photography. The advantage of ultra-wide-angle is that the viewing range is very large, so when taking some group photos. Don't worry that the viewing angle is too small to cause some people to be unable to enter the lens. In addition, the vivo X23 will use a full-screen beauty tip, with extremely narrow surrounding borders. Today, vivo officially launched the first batch of warm-up information for X23. In addition to the neutral blue-violet (blue-black) color poster, it also indicates that there will be a red and purple exposure that is quite popular among female users. It seems that X23 will be popular this year. Start with 'gradient color'. This morning, OPPO announced via Weibo that the R17 mobile phone Muka is making an appointment, and the official sale will be officially opened on August 30. The picture shows that the OPPO R17 8GB+128GB version is priced at 3499 yuan. According to the information currently revealed, OPPO R17 will be the first to launch the Snapdragon 670 processor, equipped with a 6.4-inch water drop full screen, with a screen-to-body ratio of 91.5%. At the same time, OPPO R17 also supports a light-sensitive fingerprint screen and supports 25 million AI smart beauty. At present, this mobile phone has opened an appointment, and interested friends can make an appointment first. Although the OPPO R17 has not yet been officially released, some users have already got the OPPO R17 mobile phone. It was previously revealed that ColorOS 5.2 added a new feature called 'Inspiration Shorthand emove. According to @办机Time's introduction, OPPO R17's newly updated ColorOS removes the inspiration shorthand function, removes the voice call function, and optimizes the stability and performance of the camera. Earlier news said that ColorOS 5.2 has a new smart sidebar, which can freely switch apps and functions; a new 'free collection' function supports cross-platform collection.
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