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Outdoor low-reflection type screen protector and anti-reflection type screen protector-PET protective film manufacturer

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-05
Outdoor low-reflection screen protector: It is the only LCD protector with 98% high light transmittance and anti-reflective function. The design is especially suitable for outdoor strong light environment, and the picture is clear and vivid, but also can reduce 90% ultraviolet rays reduce the damage to the eyes. Effectively protect eyesight and reduce the effect of radiation. Anti-reflection screen protector: It is suitable for all LCD digital products. Because of its outstanding scratch resistance, it is popular with PDAs and users, and the price is relatively cheap. Anti-reflection type sticking effect. This curing is best to use a gradual method, first set the oven temperature to 90°C to 160°C and then to 100°C. The grilling time can be adjusted according to the coating amount. When the thickness of the coated dry glue is 10μm, the glue is grilled. The time is controlled within 1 minute. When the thickness of the coated dry glue is 20μm, the baking time of the glue should be controlled within 1 and a half minutes. Special attention should be paid to the baking time not too long or too short. The accuracy also determines the reason for the uplifting or air bubbles of the protective film. Please consult our technicians for the specific time.
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