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Other than the Nseries of Nokia, there is also

by:YoukingTech     2021-06-10

Although not as widely known as the Nseries, a number of new Eseries mobile phones have hit the market and have begun to take over the market. One popular model of Nokia Eseries is the Nokia E71. The Nokia E71 is a mobile phone was released as a replacement for the E61i.

Nokia E71

The Nokia E71 mobile phone is one of the few popular models of Eseries which is directed to business users. Similar to other Eseries mobile phones, and many other business type mobile phones, the phone also features a QWERTY keypad as well as functions required for businesses such as a Wireless LAN as well as a VoIP client (SIP Protocol).

According to many cellphone philippines enthusiasts, the E71 is one of the few Nokia mobile phones that received positive critical reception with awards including Editors' Choice, Readers' Choice and 8.9 out of 10 rating on (as of June 2008), Phone of the Year and the Best Smartphone at the 2008 Mobile Choice Consumer Awards, WIRED Magazine's 2008 Best of Test, as well as the Highly Commended in a category of Best Mobile Handset or Device at the GSMA Awards 2009.

New varieties

Because of its popular, several new varieties of the Eseries which is modeled after the E71 is released in the market. These include the Nokia E72 and E75. The E72 is similar in many ways from the E71 such as its design and form factor, and offers a similar feature set. However, it has a new Optical Navi Key feature as opposed to the standard D-pad used on many other Nokia devices including the Nokia E71.

According to a number of cellphone philippines enthusiasts, this is said to improve the ease of scrolling through menus, emails, Internet browser, and images as it is an optical sensor rather than a series of closely-spaced buttons.

The E75, however, is different from the E71 and E72 mobile phones. This is because the E75 is a slider phone which accommodates both the normal keypad as well as the QWERTY keypad popular with the Eseries mobile phones. What made it unique is that the phone has the capability to allow its users to watch television by using the phone. According to many cellphone philippines enthusiasts, with optional DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting for Handsets) Nokia Mobile TV Receiver SU-33W it is possible to watch television on the screen of the phone.

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