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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-08
After reading the mobile phone protective film film tutorial in the previous issue, I believe that everyone has a comprehensive understanding of the installation of the protective film. As long as you operate it correctly, you will be able to put a perfect film on your love machine. Next, I will teach you the second lesson-washing and maintenance of mobile phone protective film. Disassembly of the protective film: first remove the installed protective film from the machine. Each set of protective film products of BG Microluos is specially equipped with two BG dust removal stickers. In addition to cleaning the screen, the BG dust removal sticker can also help you quickly complete the disassembly operation without causing damage to the protective film and the screen. Step 1: Put the dust removal sticker on the protective film and tear off the BG dust removal sticker again, and stick it to the corner of the protective film. And press the dust removal sticker firmly to make it adhere to the protective film. Step 2: Remove the protective film and pull up the film in the opposite direction. A corner of the protective film will be pulled up immediately. At this time, the second piece of dust removal sticker can be pasted on the inside of the adsorption layer of the protective film, corresponding to the first piece of dust removal The location of the post. The protective film can be peeled off at this time. The BG dust removal paste is coated with a special adhesive, which will not damage the silica gel adsorption layer of the protective film. Even if it is repeatedly pasted, it will not leave residues on the protective film. Step 3: Re-attach the film. Follow the steps in 'Installation of the protective film' above to re-attach the protective film. Because the adsorption layer of the protective film is less protected by the ① release film, you need to be extra careful when re-attaching it. The first step of washing and maintenance of the protective film: Put in pure water for washing and prepare a larger cup, which can at least fit the entire protective film and fill it with pure water. Use the dust removal sticker to remove the protective film from the phone, twist the dust removal sticker, and wash the protective film back and forth in the water. Step 2: Air dry and wash the protective film. You can take it out of the water and place it in a cool place. It is recommended to lean the protective film on the cup with the protective film adsorption layer down, and wait until the water drops are completely dried. You can paste it again. The protective film must be dried naturally after washing. Do not use a soft cloth to wipe the adsorption layer, otherwise it will stick to dust. If you accidentally stick to the dust, you can repeat the washing with water once. Note: The protective film after washing should be protected from pasting, exposure or storage in the sun. High temperature will cause deformation of the protective film and affect its life. Do not use alcohol or other corrosive cleaning solvents for cleaning. Such solvents will damage the protective film. (Not all brands of protective film can be washed and maintained, please recognize that the product has this feature before operation)
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