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OPPO R2017 setup program encryption

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-24
Posted on 04.19 Many people like to set a lock screen, but it is inevitable that there are also people who do not set a lock screen. Friends who don’t like to set up a lock screen, I have a very good way, that is, to protect personal privacy, and to prevent the information being stolen by others when the phone is lost. That is to set up program encryption. . Method/Steps First, find the setting button in the main menu of the phone, and click Open. 1 Then select 'Accounts and Security'-'Security and Privacy'. 2 Select 'Personal Security'-'Program Encryption'. 3 Open the program encryption interface. 4 Click the program encryption button and select pattern encryption or password encryption. 5 After setting the password, click the program encryption button to add the program you want to encrypt. 6 Just select the program you want to encrypt. 7
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