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OPPO mobile payment theme cracking tutorial

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-25
Posted on 04.27 Nowadays, every mobile phone has its own theme store, and the themes in it are either paid or free. If one day you particularly like a theme, you have to pay to use it, and you feel that it is not worth buying it. , Then this article is worth reading. The editor is ready to explain it for you! ! Method/Steps First, turn on the phone to enter the main interface. What we see is the initial theme. 1 Find the theme store button on the main interface of the phone, and click to enter. 2 Open the theme and select the theme that needs to be paid for trial. 3 After clicking Try, start downloading the theme. After the theme is downloaded, click Try it now. 4 Return to the main interface, open the settings to find the application, and uninstall the theme store update. 5 After the update, return to the main interface and click the software store button. 6 Enter the personal center interface of the software store and select Settings. 7 Select WLAN will not update automatically. 8 Return to the personal center interface, select App update, and click Ignore update. 9 That’s it, we can do it for free Use paid themes too. . 10
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