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OPPO fission! New brands compete for the Indian market

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-06
From the brand launch, to the launch of the first product, to the independent operation from OPPO, Realme only took less than 3 months. And Realme's positioning is also very clear, the first stop is India. Two months ago, Realme officially launched the brand's first mobile phone, Realme1, to the Indian market. It is understood that this phone will be sold exclusively on Amazon India. The sub-brand is mainly aimed at the low-end mobile phone consumer market in India, and the market price will be in the range of RMB 950 to RMB 1,400. The person in charge of Realme said to the public that when Realme1 was first sold on June 1, it was sold out on the Amazon platform in 2 minutes. And Counterpoint's latest second-quarter data also shows that Realme has captured 1% of the overall local market in just one month after being listed, and the growth rate is very fast. 'India is the first stop for Realme to go global, and it must also succeed in this huge potential and fiercely competitive market,' said the person in charge. After the OnePlus mobile phone, OPPO has recently launched an independent new brand 'Realme' within OPPO. It is worth mentioning that the Realme brand is not a sub-brand of OPPO, but will be an independent company that operates in parallel with the OPPO brand. Li Bingzhong, former vice president of OPPO and head of OPPO's overseas business department, has confirmed that he is at the helm of Realme. This is considered to be another attempt of OPPO's 'fission-type entrepreneurship'. Establish a new brand and operate independently. According to business information inquiries, OPPO’s newly established company is called 'Shenzhen Ruiermi Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.Equity information shows that the actual controller of the company is the parent company of OPPO. Internal entrepreneurship stimulates corporate vitality As the second largest single market in the world, India is regarded as a battleground for military experts. In July this year, Samsung Electronics built the world's largest mobile phone factory in India and competed with Xiaomi for the title of shipment. On the other hand, in the process of rapid expansion of domestic mobile phone brands, some subtle changes have occurred inadvertently. OPPO and vivo, which are firmly established in the Indian market, have slowed down their expansion in the Indian market since last year. At the beginning of the year, Indian media reported that for profit considerations, OPPO and vivo had cut off more than 40% of the profit sharing provided to local mobile phone retailers, which caused OPPO and vivo to lose nearly 10,000 in the Indian market. Sales outlets. Although OPPO and vivo related people said that the adjustment is due to market development needs and will not affect the company's development in the Indian market, the outside world believes that OPPO's weak growth in India is an indisputable fact. If you want to change this situation, you must break the original pattern and introduce a brand new company, which may be a good way. The establishment of Realme is regarded as an attempt by OPPO to 'internal fission'. The internal fission-style entrepreneurship in the form of small and micronization and partnership systems first emerged in Internet companies. Now in order to satisfy employees’ desire to “be the boss”, while retaining high-quality talents, they also stimulate the internal vitality of the company. The boom has gradually spread to large manufacturing companies. It's just that for Realme, this 'fission' is more thorough, and even the relationship between employees is completely independent. There is no turning back arrow when the bow is opened. This is tantamount to a lasting battle. After losing the shelter of the big tree of OPPO, Realme can only rush forward. In fact, OPPO is already familiar with this kind of 'fission entrepreneurship' operation. Earlier, Liu Zuohu came out of OPPO, founded OnePlus and served as CEO. In order to cover different user groups by multi-brands entering overseas markets, mobile phone manufacturers will not only increase series lines on the basis of their original brands, but also create new sub-brands. For example, Huawei and Honor, Meizu and Meizu, ZTE and Nubia and so on. Today, sub-brands have also become an important strategy for these mobile phone manufacturers to enter the global market. In India, there is a low-end market with greater demand. This is exactly what OPPO is absent. In the second quarter of this year, OPPO accounted for 10% of the Indian smartphone market, but in the first quarter, its market share was 5.6%, compared to last year. The 9.9% over the same period fell a lot. At the same time, Xiaomi relies on its red rice brand to flourish in India, with a market share of close to 30%, and has begun to cannibalize the offline market of brands such as OPPO and vivo. OPPO's pressure is self-evident. Realme will be an important piece of OPPO's layout in overseas mid-to-low-end markets, and will form a dislocation development with OnePlus, which has a more high-end market positioning. For OPPO, it has been quietly deploying cutting-edge high-tech research. It has established six global Ru0026D centers in the United States, Japan, China, and global production bases in Dongguan, Chengdu, Chongqing, India, Jakarta, Indonesia, and Algeria, achieving global talent, Cutting-edge layout, global manufacturing, self-breakthrough and growth of global brands. In the 5G field, OPPO established a standards team as early as 2015, has published more than 300 technical documents, participated in multiple standardization organizations, and has a deep reserve in the main 5G technical fields (networks, terminals, applications, etc.). In the internationally renowned standards organization 3GPP, the number of manuscripts submitted by OPPO ranks among the top global terminal companies and has a certain international influence.
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