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OPPO Find X white version exposed

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-18
On June 29, OPPO released a four-year-old product in Beijing 751-OPPO Find X. It has an innovative dual-track periscope structure camera, which has completely achieved a 93.8% mobile phone. At the same time, the two color combinations of Bordeaux red and ice amber blue make OPPO Find X even more attractive. The white version of OPPO Find X is exposed (picture from Weibo@Ubuntu team) Just yesterday, a digital expert broke the news on Weibo that OPPO Find X will also launch one in addition to the current Bordeaux red, ice amber blue, and Lamborghini color schemes. A pure white color scheme. It can be seen that this pure white color matching OPPO Find X, like other color matching, uses a glass body, and against the white back panel, it appears to have a warm and warm feeling. At present, OPPO officials have not yet exposed the news about this new color scheme, so the authenticity of this news has yet to be verified. However, I believe that if OPPO Find X really launches this white version, I believe it will cause a wave of panic buying, after all, the white system looks more elegant. What do you think?
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