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OPPO Find X's pure white version of the phone's real phone image is exposed online

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-19
On July 13th, OPPO Find X was first sold simultaneously nationwide, accumulating a lot of popularity in a short period of time, and there was a long queue of users in various offline stores. At the same time, online channels, platforms such as JD, Tmall, and Suning are also sold out in a short period of time. With its one-piece flawless body, curved panoramic screen, dual-track periscope structure, and fully hidden 3D camera, OPPO Find X attracted a lot of attention once it was released. In terms of appearance, OPPO Find X's integrated and flawless body design makes the whole machine as pure as a piece of black jade. The unique '3D stacked streamer dot color' process is added, which makes the gradient color and the 3D arc on the back of the body a perfect combination. When the light is refracted above, it seems to be flowing like a liquid on a mobile phone, the Bordeaux red is as mellow as a hanging glass of fine wine, and the ice amber blue is as deep as the sun of the deep sea. The flow of light and shadow presents unique artistic beauty. Although OPPO Find X's Bordeaux Red and Ice Apparel Blue are very beautiful, OPPO does not seem to stop here. Recently, a photo of a pure white version of OPPO Find X has been exposed on the Internet, which seems to bring people the latest Color matching. Judging from the exposure map, the back of the phone uses a pure white color design, and the back shell seems to be still made of glass. Thanks to the design of an integrated and flawless body, there are no openings on the back of the phone, and only the OPPO Logo is located on the body. Central. It is not clear whether this pure white version of OPPO Find X will finally be released, and we will continue to pay attention to bring you the latest reports.
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