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Opinions on whether the 'WIFI password sharing' of Xiaomi mobile phones should be liked or bombed

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-10
According to the information revealed at the annual press conference of Xiaomi, the number of WIFI passwords in public places stored on Xiaomi servers has reached 320,000. The original intention of Xiaomi was to allow Xiaomi users to directly connect to encrypted WIFI when entering public places covered with WIFI. However, because of the suspicion of encouraging Internet surfing, merchants objected.   Xiaomi: The WIFI passwords shared by all users stored on the server have been destroyed.    After the MIUI WIFI password sharing function was publicly disclosed for the first time by Xiaomi, it soon announced that it would stop amidst the sound of controversy. Xiaomi stated on September 7 that it had destroyed all the WIFI passwords shared by users stored on the server.   The “WIFI password sharing” function that Xiaomi’s tried-and-really tried is to put it bluntly. For example, a coffee shop can save other Xiaomi users from the trouble of asking for and inputting passwords and directly connect to encrypted WIFI. However, once this feature was launched, it was called 'defective' by many merchants due to its suspicion of encouraging 'crunching   Although Xiaomi may be ahead of its time, it is in the direction of    The 'WIFI password sharing' of Xiaomi mobile phones should be like or should be played. For a while, maybe it can only be different. After reading the relevant reports, the author's point of view is: Although it may be ahead, it is the direction. Since the trend of 'computerization of mobile phones' is no longer suspenseful, seeking the maximum convenience of wireless Internet access will obviously be the goal of the industry's continuous efforts and pursuit. In this sense, the temporary blockage of the mobile phone's 'WIFI password sharing' function is not because the development and design itself is 'bad  Foreign public networks may not set a password.  The small-scale test of 'WIFI Password Sharing' stopped at the beginning. Of course, it can be said that Xiaomi is cautiously responding to social feedback. However, some netizens mentioned: If this is a function developed by Apple's mobile phone, it may not be attacked by the group. This leads to a question mark. Why don’t the big-name foreign mobile phone manufacturers “think” to push this feature? In the author’s opinion, perhaps it is not lack of this kind of brains, but more likely that in many public spaces that provide free Internet access, people simply There is no 'convention' for setting up a password barrier.   This article has been compiled and published by the Global Information Network (, and shall not be reprinted without authorization!
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