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OnePlus 6 DxOMark camera ratings announced, 100 points for photos!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-16
One plus 6 scores up to 100 points for individual photo shooting. DxOMark believes that its rear dual camera has the following advantages: autofocus is very fast and correct, bright and vivid colors can be presented under various light sources, the exposure of the subject is correct and reliable, and the image detail and noise have reached a good balance. The exposure and color performance of the flash are good. The downside is that noise can be seen in plain areas, pink color cast often appears in outdoor photos, details are sometimes lost in dark and bright areas, and blurring in bokeh mode is occasionally incorrect. OnePlus 6 DxOMark evaluation sample OnePlus 6 DxOMark evaluation sample OnePlus 6 is currently one of the most cost-effective flagship phones. It uses a 6.28-inch 19:9 ratio Optic AMOLED full screen, equipped with a powerful Snapdragon 845 mobile platform, and takes pictures. The experience is also greatly improved. Rear 20 million + 16 million pixels 2x speed AI dual camera, 16 million pixels main camera is f/1.7 large aperture anti-shake lens, built-in IMX519 1/2.6 inch image sensor, secondary camera is 20 million pixels, aperture is also f/ 1.7. DxOMark today announced the camera score of OnePlus 6, and the combined score of the rear dual camera of OnePlus 6 is 96 points, which is one of the better cameras tested by DxOMark alongside Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and Google Pixel 2. . OnePlus 6 OnePlus 6 DxOMark Camera Score    OnePlus 6’s individual video score reaches 87 points. DxOMark believes that OnePlus has these advantages when shooting video: effective anti-shake, fast autofocus, neutral white balance, low noise level, and preservation of details in high-contrast scenes. The disadvantage is that there is a loss of detail under different light conditions, strong ringing effects and excessive sharpening, and the difference in definition between frames can be noticed.   Overall, DxOMark's evaluation of OnePlus 6's rear dual camera is still very high, and it is in the same echelon with Huawei Mate 10 series mobile phones and Xiaomi MIX 2S. In terms of feel, the sleek body of OnePlus 6 is even more comfortable to hold. If you care about taking pictures on your mobile phone, OnePlus 6 is a good choice. All rights reserved, no reprint without permission
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