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Nowadays, new upgrades and models come out like brand new sneakers at school time, what do you do if you have the phone that's 2 generations old and broken? Many people have been using the popularity of iPhones to make cash by selling or trading them in to eager companies that want to get their hands on some. For iPhone connoisseurs that stay on top of the trends, this is a match made in heaven.

Most non-iPhone users don't have the ability to cash in on used phones that don't work, or carry a crack in the screen. Therefore, for people that use the iPhone as a business tool, the practice of selling them now that they're broken all the more exciting for them all over again. It's true, companies are really paying cash for cracked or broken iPhones, and not just pennies either.

The buyers reuse and refurbish the phone so that it keeps hazardous waste out of landfills, so everyone ends up green and everyone ends up making money too. Some people are paid up to 50% of the phones original value. The process has been a surprisingly easy one too.

For people that are considering cashing in, here are a few steps that you must follow. Send your Cracked IPhone in one of their pre-paid envelopes and they will send you the cash. Really. It's that easy.

In regards to money, there are categories that they rate the condition of the phone to determine the amount.

Works - normal wear no crack and in operable condition.

Kind of works - turns on, functions, and has broken screen or cracked back.

Doesn't work - will not turn on, it's wet and more than one piece.

The popularity and the recent wave of new phones give its customers something to smile about. Not only have they had to chance to use the phones for fun, work or business, they get to stay ahead of the latest trends and get the newest phones. They also get cold hard cash to enjoy for their throwaways too.

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