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Officials rely on waiting, stalls rely on their lives! The best choice for, geek repair or complete repair of mobile phones

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-06
The high price has caused many users to self-deprecate and can’t afford to repair it. In addition to the high cost of repairs, brand repairs take a long time to return to the factory. For most people who are not leaving their bodies, waiting for the phone to be sent back for repair is very difficult. These two points have led many consumers to replace the machine with a new one rather than repair it. Users who are eager to use their mobile phones may also find nearby stalls for repairs, but the long-term chaos in the mobile phone repair market has left users suffering enough. This is a world inseparable from mobile phones. Talking, shopping, living, matter which city you are in, as long as your mobile phone is around you will feel safe. So, if the phone screen is broken, the battery is not working, the memory is not enough... what will you do? Looking for repair shops all over the street, can you tolerate the maintenance period of three to five days? In the past, Nokia could be used to smash walnuts, but now smart phones may break the screen as soon as they are dropped. Especially the full-screen phones that have been popular in the past two years are even more vulnerable. When it comes to repairs, users usually have two choices. One is to find official after-sales repairs. After the warranty period, users need to pay expensive repairs. Take Apple for example, the official repair screen price of iPhone X is 2,258 yuan. Scattered repair workshops replace parts with shoddy parts, and the official price is prohibitive. Faced with the ever-increasing maintenance market demand and long-standing pain points in the industry, the mobile phone repair market is in a mixed environment, 'mobile phone quick repair' has become a rigid demand for users, and a number of mobile phone repair platforms relying on the Internet have emerged. Among them, mobile phone repair platforms led by Geek Repair and have been recognized by more and more mobile phone users., relying on the advantages of the omni-channel mobile phone internal distribution industry chain of its parent company Pinsheng, has been committed to providing users with professional, convenient, high-quality and transparent mobile phone repair services. Especially as the designated service provider of Pisen's mobile phone built-in battery, has the advantage of controlling the quality of maintenance from the source. At present, has more than 7,000 stores and has built a nationwide service network. At the same time, more than 300 cities have opened door-to-door quick repairs, which solves the pain points of users 'don't know where to repair' and 'do not have time to repair'. Nowadays, home repair of mobile phones has become an industry trend, and various mobile phone repair platforms are also working hard to establish industry standards. It is believed that mainstream mobile phone repair platforms such as Geek Repair and will use more advanced service concepts and higher service quality to meet the growing repair needs of mobile phone users.
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