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Nut Pro 2S lets you use the cheapest TNT

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-07
It is only the first step for mobile devices to support TNT. To experience this 'highly anticipated' system, you also need a computer with multi-touch capabilities. Due to capacity issues, Lao Luo recommended at the press conference that everyone buy a third-party screen to experience TNT. For example, he found a GoBigger screen on Taobao, which not only costs 999 yuan, but also has a 15-inch full touch screen. . In order to dispel everyone's doubts, Lao Luo specially emphasized: 'These screens are not bought from Pinduoduo.' At this point, we can calculate the cheapest price to own a set of TNT. The Nut Pro 2S released on August 20 relies on its advantages. The price wins. The 4+64 GB version of the Nut Pro 2S only costs 1798 yuan, plus the 999 yuan full touch screen, the total cost is 2797 yuan, which is lower than the single product price of the Nut R1. In addition to the cheapest TNT, bullet text messaging, another major and most interesting aspect of the Nut Pro 2S is bullet text messaging. It is also the function promised at the Nut R1 conference. Hammer Technology not only opened the download of the Android version of Bullet SMS, but also demonstrated many new features of Bullet SMS. Voice-to-text and bullet text messages staying on the desktop in the form of a floating ball are not the most distinctive features of the Nut Pro 2S, but the social functions of bullet text messages. On the evening of August 20th, Hammer Technology launched another development conference. Looking at the lively people who eat melons, the most question is of course how is TNT? At the TNT press conference, Lao Luo gave a positive reply: the workload of software and hardware exceeded expectations. In order to let everyone experience TNT as soon as possible, the TNT public beta version of JMGO R1 was opened on the day of the press conference. The highlight of this conference, the biggest difference between the JMGO Pro 2S and the previous two generations of JMGO Pro phones is that it supports TNT. Compared to the starting price of the JMGO R1 3000 yuan, the JMGO Pro 2S at 1798 yuan may be the cheapest TNT phone. Luo said that the TNT public beta version of JMGO Pro 2S will be available for download on September 12. The blue version of the Nut Pro 2S cancels the iconic gold thread of the Nut Pro series. In addition to the support of the TNT software, the projection performance of the Nut Pro 2S must also reach a certain standard. Thanks to Qualcomm's technology, the Nut Pro 2S supports 2K quality video output performance, and the delay of projection is reduced to 14 milliseconds. Lao Luo demonstrated on the spot the add hammer friend function of bullet messages. The hammer friend named Zhang Likang said that he did not believe that the person who added him was Luo Yonghao. Bullet SMS has launched a 'Discover nearby hammer friends' function, you can get to know other hammer friends through this function. So this means that if you want to be a fan of Hammer, you only need to download a bullet message on your phone? According to this logic, whether you are using an iPhone or Samsung, as long as you download the bullet message, it seems you can become a hammer friend. This idea sounds very good, but when I downloaded bullet messages on iPhone X and two different brands of Android phones, my hope of becoming a Hammer friend without buying a Hammer phone was immediately dashed. 'Discover nearby Hammer friends' is an exclusive function of Hammer mobile phones, even if the mobile phone of non-hammer brand has downloaded bullet messages, there is no such entrance. If you want to get to know the hammer friends nearby, you still have to buy a nut mobile phone to test whether it is a 'spirit hammer fan'. If you want to become a real hammer fan, and to meet friends who also love hammers, you still have to buy a hammer mobile phone first. In this way, there is one more reason to buy this Nut Pro 2S. Nut Pro 2S has restored the physical touch keys. In the settings, you can also choose to operate the infinite screen with full-screen gestures. The third highlight of the Nut Pro 2S is the 'infinite screen' function, which can be swiped up from the edge of the screen on the mobile phone desktop. Gestures can trigger the 'infinite screenThis reminds me of my Apple Watch. Due to the smaller screen of the watch, I feel a little uncomfortable every time I see densely packed miniature icons. However, the difference between the operating logic of the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch is that the 'infinite screen' of the Nut Pro 2S can change with the angle of your phone. According to Lao Luo, the realization of the 'infinite screen' requires the cooperation of the gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer and facial recognition inside the mobile phone. Among them, the facial recognition solution provided by Megvii allows the Nut Pro 2S to 'measure' the distance and angle between your face and the phone. The Nut Pro 2S processor uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 710, 4+64GB is priced at 1798 yuan, and 6+64GB is priced at 1998 yuan. If you are trying to experience TNT, this may be the most cost-effective nut phone, and it also comes with a function to meet hammer friends.
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