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Nubia and Ruofeng work together to help the development of e-sports, the Red Devils game phone is worth owning

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-07
The eye-catching combination of the Red Devils game phone Jia Ruofeng attracted the attention of countless on-site audiences, and they asked Ruofeng to sign and take a group photo. The strong gaming performance of this Red Devils gaming phone comes from Nubia’s innovative use of four black technology for heat dissipation. Through the heat dissipation vents on the back of the Red Devils phone body, it uses the industry’s unique turbulent air-cooled heat dissipation design. Coupled with the design of the internal precision air duct and the three-layer graphite heat conduction layer, the heat is truly discharged out of the fuselage, effectively reducing the fuselage temperature and ensuring the continuous and stable performance of the 835 platform. In addition to heat dissipation, battery life is believed to be another aspect of e-sports gaming phones that need attention. Nubia equipped the Red Devils gaming phone with a large 3800mAh battery and 5V/5.2A special low-voltage fast charging, coupled with an efficient heat dissipation design. , Even 'playing while charging' can be enough to meet the needs of a long game. Since its release in April, the Red Devils e-sports gaming mobile phone has been highly praised. Not only did it invite professional e-sports player Ruo Feng to become its chief game officer, it also received the recognition of the domestic professional e-sports Tencent TGA Grand Prix and became its official The designated use machine. I believe that friends who have followed the e-sports circle in the past two weeks know that after the announcement of the relationship, Ruo Feng, the chief experience officer of the Nubian Red Devils, officially announced the good news of his successful marriage proposal last Friday. For a gaming giant with millions of fans, this news is quite a sensation. And after Ruofeng sent out the Weibo of his successful marriage proposal, the official WeChat account of Nubia mobile phone also sent out such a Weibo: 'When the wind finds the love in his heart, it is his most affectionate and handsome moment! Congratulations to Ruofeng for his successful marriage proposal. 'To express my sincere blessings to his famous chief game officer. At China Joy, which just ended not long ago, the young and handsome Nubian Red Devils chief game officer also airborne to the scene to help the Nubian Red Devils game phone and started using this powerful e-sports game phone on the spot. Thanks to the strong software and hardware performance of the Red Devils game phone and the support of four black technologies for heat dissipation, the Red Devils game phone has withstood severe tests in the subsequent TGA season and has been unanimously recognized by contestants and e-sports gamers. . And in the recent professional awards 'Black Gold Award' and 'Golden Machine Award' have been won, and received the unanimous recognition of authoritative experts and technology media. The announcement of Ruofeng's love affair also made many people sigh after blessings. This handsome young e-sports boy has also reached the age of marriage. However, I believe that Ruofeng still loves e-sports and looks forward to working with Nubia in the future to help the development of China's e-sports industry. If you also want to experience the charm of e-sports, you will not miss the Red Devils game phones that are now on sale on and Nubia's official website. Go and take a look!
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