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Nubia 120W three-port gallium nitride charger is on the shelves: 2C1A first release 229 yuan-Nubia, charger-fast technology (drive

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-30
On May 20th, Nubia released the new flagship Nubia Z30 Pro, and brought a variety of new gallium nitride chargers, including 120W deuterium gallium nitride charger, 30W sugar cube Pro and Dabai 65W ultra-thin Foldable gallium nitride charger. Among them, the Nubia 120W deuterium front three-port gallium nitride charger will be available for pre-sale at 20 o'clock today. It will be released on June 1 with an original price of 269 yuan and a starting price of 229 yuan. The appearance of the product inherits the design of the 'deuterium' series, with a silver-gray shell, 84mm in length and 56mm in width, which is almost the same as the area of u200bu200ba bank card (85mmx54mm). The charger uses GaN+Neocharger, the third-generation semiconductor material, which has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, high conductivity, low energy loss, and high heat dissipation performance. Compared with the old semiconductor chargers, the charging speed is faster, with higher frequency, Smaller size, higher efficiency, and more stable temperature. This charger provides two Type-C ports and one USB-A port, which supports simultaneous fast charging of multiple ports. Three ports output at the same time, the product supports 60W+30W+30 power, and is compatible with mainstream fast charging protocols such as SCP/FCP/PD3.0/QC/AFC. The two Type-C ports support power blind plug function, and the individual outputs provide a maximum output capacity of 20V/5A 100W, which can fill a MacBook 13-inch notebook in about 120 minutes. Purchase link: Jingdong (229 yuan)
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