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Now that 4G is popular, is there any drama for the 'WiFi Companion'?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-18
Lin Xinyang, the founder of WiFi Companion, gave a simple example. If a user connects to WiFi in Haidilao, WiFi Zhonglian can help partners build this user scenario: the user has just been to Haidilao to connect to WiFi for 3 minutes, then he may need a group purchase Coupons. If the connection is more than 1 hour, he may go to the movies and so on next. Coupled with the user portrait of the partner, the business that the user may need can be better presented to the user.   Recently, WiFi Companion released the WiFi Zhonglian open platform. In layman's terms, WiFi Zhonglian has opened up 100 million WiFi hotspot resources. As long as it is a cooperative application of WiFi partner, you can directly connect to the hotspot resources outdoors. Not only that, WiFi Companion has also released big data accumulated by 100 million users, which can help partners build user scenarios. 36 Krypton has previously reported on the basic model of WiFi companion. Its founders have backgrounds in the communications industry and participated in the construction of operators’ indoor network deployments in the early days. It is this experience that makes them firm in the early days of low utilization of operators. Try to buy out, optimize and commercialize the WiFi network. In addition, WiFi partners also hope to turn personal hotspots into a crowdsourcing business. From college students, employees of small and micro businesses, family residents, to commercial properties, all of them can share their controllable hotspot resources on the WiFi partner platform and share them with WiFi partner for commercialization.   According to Lin Xinyang, in three years, WiFi Companion has accumulated 100 million mobile phones installed, and the network coverage area is equivalent to 25 China Mobile's WLAN networks. The product is nothing more than solving two pain points of users, one is the high traffic cost, and the other is the inconvenience of connecting to WiFi in a strange environment.   Here, there is actually the main problem. At present, 4G is very popular, and the data fee is relatively low. We generally don’t perform large-traffic operations when we are outdoors, so is there really a prospect for WiFi companions? Lin Xinyang explained that this idea is often for working people Yes, because a stable income will not allow them to care about these traffic costs, but for students and other non-income or low-income groups, the value of WiFi companions can still be very prominent.   As for the relationship between WiFi and 4G in the future, will one party replace the other?    Many people in the industry have expressed their views. Among them, Shi Jun, the founder of Angels, said: 'Although we are a financing platform, we have also been exposed to many such projects, especially in the first half of this year. People who are more concerned about prices will always have a very large demand for WiFi. Therefore, 4G completely replaces WiFi. I think it is a false proposition. No matter how cheap the traffic is in the future, as long as it is used for a long time on some fixed networks, WiFi will have a very large space.”   Heduo Capital Wang Lijie and Caller Su Zhihong also published similar Viewpoint: 4G will be a supplement to WiFi. In turn, WiFi is also an effective supplement to 4G. In the future, there is no such thing as who replaces the two. WiFi and 4G can coexist and complement each other. Wang Chuyun of Extreme Routing also added: 'The current 4G and 5G future signals and physical characteristics such as wall penetration will not be very good. WiFi will be used as an extension of 4G and 5G, including the current development of operators that can automatically switch WiFi. As part of the base station. In this process, convergence is a trend, and no one replaces who. In the future technological development, the speed of the technical transmission capacity of WiFi in the home will be very fast, and these methods are based on our physical layer signal In terms of coding, the frequency band of mobile phone signals may be depleted.'
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