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by:YoukingTech     2021-10-31
Since the laptop LCD screen protective film is more easily damaged, today we will take the laptop as an example to introduce the filming techniques for everyone. Next, let’s take a hand-to-hand filming teaching and introduce the quick-level filming method:   The first step: find a clean face and wipe the laptop screen carefully. The cleaner the better. Doing so can prevent dust from being sealed inside when sticking the film, which will affect the effect of the film and generate bubbles. If you don’t have a cotton cloth or are reluctant to use a good towel, you can also use a three-piece cleaning kit for notebooks, which is only a few dollars. Step 2: First of all, be optimistic about whether the size of the screen film you bought is the same as that of the notebook, and don't do anything wrong. Next, find the small sticker on the screen film, and fold the sticker marked with the number 2 as shown in the picture above.   Then turn the screen sticker upside down, and put the sticker with the number 1 facing down. This side is pasted on the screen, so you just need to uncover it a little bit.   officially began to paste. At this time, the breath should be flat, the hand should be steady, slowly along the side of the notebook screen, keeping the foil parallel to the edge of the screen, and slowly put it down. Because the film has electrostatic adsorption capacity, it will automatically be adsorbed to the screen.   Although the film is good, there are many accidents. We are likely to encounter two situations that we don't want to see. One of them is that the dust that has not been cleaned up leads to fullness. The solution is to find tape to stick the dust off. The second situation is that although we are careful and careful, there may still be some small bubbles after the paste. Generally, as long as the film is electrostatically adsorbed, it will disappear by itself within a week, so when you buy a laptop screen protector, you must choose static electricity. Adsorbed protective film. The online price of this kind of film is about 6 yuan.   is finally completed. There are three layers of good-quality screen protector. After finishing, remove both the front and back layers, leaving only the middle layer. The film is so simple, everyone can become a master, there is no need to spend tens of dollars to honor the so-called professionals, and it does not take too long to do it yourself, and it is fun. Why not do it? Learn more about the progress , Please feel free to pay attention to u1ooo space.
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