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Not convinced by foreigners’ complaints, this company makes the world’s smallest electric car charger

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-15
However, as a drafting unit of the balance scooter standard, a member of the China-US balance scooter standard working group, and a leading brand of balance scooter chargers, Fuyuan Electric did not turn a deaf ear to this matter. They knew that lightness is the needs of users and innovation is the responsibility of the company. After 2 years of dedication, the world's smallest electric car charger was finally developed. got a sample of this charger for the first time and was amazed by the appearance. Small! Its size is about the size of 2 Apple chargers. Let's compare the size of the current standard-compliant balance car charger on the market. Compared with it, the size has been reduced by two-thirds, and the weight is only comparable to that of an Apple 6 mobile phone. It's smaller than what foreign media said 'make Apple's design at least half smallerCompared with a one-yuan coin, it is compatible with multiple devices. Fuyuandian told Weilun that the voltage of this charger is 64V. By changing the conversion interface, it can automatically realize the compatibility of electric vehicles, balance vehicles, laptops and other devices. USB support We see that there is an extra USB module on the charger cable, indicating that it supports the charging of USB devices. This shows that the original intention of Fuyuan Power in designing this charger is not only to make a breakthrough in technology, but also to fully consider the user's practicability. When you go out with an electric car, balance car, or laptop device, you don't need to bring multiple chargers. To be the safest charger in the world. Most people wonder how to make lower-cost products. Only a small number of people wonder how to make better products. In an environment of increasingly impetuous society and quick success, the more diverse the value orientation, The more difficult it will be to persevere in the spirit. Only a company that can withstand 'loneliness' and calm down can continue to forge high-quality products. To be the safest charger in the world is the mission of Fuyuan Power! 'The appearance design is not very competitive. If Apple is allowed to design it, the volume will be at least half smaller!' This sentence comes from a ridicule made in China by an American organization. In the electric vehicle industry, we know that in addition to the three major components of the battery, the motor, and the controller, the charger is also crucial to determine the quality of the finished product. Among the many fire incidents of electric vehicles, balance vehicles, and scooters on the market, half of the reasons are due to inferior batteries, and half are due to inferior chargers. When the balance scooter was on the cusp of the global trend in 2016, foreign media once disassembled a well-known American balance scooter brand product and conducted an internal structural safety analysis. The balance scooter of this model was charged by Shenzhen Fuyuan Electric In the '[Disassembly] What configuration is used in the American Swagway? 'At that time, the technical experts analyzed and said: (Translation: preliminary analysis, no difference from ordinary power converters, no loopholes can be seen. The primary and secondary circuit boards are distinct, the transformer is also okay, and the circuit solder joints are also normal. The entire charger looks boxy and has no corners. From the appearance design, it is not competitive and not compact enough. If Apple is designed to design it, the volume will be at least half smaller!) In those days, electric cars, In fact, this foreign institution is not the only provider of balance car chargers. Most people find it inconvenient to carry a large and bulky charger, and it is incompatible with the technical painting style of new smart products. Regarding the size of the charger, has also consulted many people in the industry. From this, we learned that it is the internal components that determine the size of the charger. To achieve such a high current output, it is necessary to reserve a certain amount for the internal Considering space for heat dissipation, it was almost impossible for the volume to be half the size at the time. Because of dissatisfaction with a word, I devoted 2 years of thinking to a seemingly inadvertent complaint at that time, most people may not take it to heart, after all, the chargers that can be bought all over the world are so big.
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