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Nokia 9 is rumored to be priced at US$990 to rival iPhone X

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-05
The key is that Nokia 9 can act as the killer of Apple's iPhone X in at least one aspect, and this aspect is the 'price'. It is said that the price will be as high as $990, making it the most expensive smartphone since HMD Global took over Nokia. Although a high-end flagship mobile phone price of $1,000 is not shocking news, so far, there is indeed no high-end flagship that truly leads the industry under the revitalized Nokia brand. And this flagship priced at 990 US dollars, perhaps really 'hidden, there is somethingImage. After HMD Global took over the Nokia brand, there has never been a flagship that can really be handed out. However, a lot of news shows that Nokia's true flagship is already in preparation, and a model of Nokia 9 may be available soon. Before the launch of the machine, most people know what hardware an Android flagship should have, but the price is the most questionable, because the pricing usually reflects whether there is an exclusive selling point and whether it is worthwhile to start. On July 24, foreign media successively cited sources familiar with the matter that Nokia will build a truly high-end device this time, that is, the long-rumored Nokia 9. According to previous rumors, the Nokia 9 mobile phone should have been released in the middle of 2018, but because the camera module encountered an unknown major problem, the original release plan had to be cancelled, and it may be delayed until August or September this year. , Most likely during the IFA 2018 exhibition. Not surprisingly, Nokia 9 will be equipped with Qualcomm's top mobile chip Snapdragon 845 chip, equipped with OLED screen. At the same time, Nokia 9 may also be equipped with 8GB of memory, 256GB of storage space, 3900mAh battery and wireless charging. This year’s April Fool’s Day announced that the biggest highlight of Nokia 9 is the triple camera, which has 41 million pixels + OIS optical image stabilization + xenon reflector + variable aperture configuration, and 20 million color + 9.7 million black and white. Sensors, each sensor is equipped with a Zeiss lens. In any case, it is almost August now. If Nokia 9 really does not arrive next month, then Nokia must consider directly facing the competition of the new generation of iPhone in September, otherwise the high price will also become meaningless.
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