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Need for replacement parts of iPhone on a high

by:YoukingTech     2021-06-22

Electronic gadgets are not new to this running generation. Cell phones are of utmost importance and it may perform multitasking whenever and wherever needed. One of the highly qualified gadgets is the iPhone4 which has become increasingly popular due to its versatility. There are only few services that can be mentioned which you cannot find on an iPhone. Since iPhones are too sensitive to handle, if any part gets damaged, the minds of the users get distracted about how to set it back right. Here is a short review of the iPhone 4 parts which may be replaced.

A number of iPhone 4 replacement parts are mentioned below:-

Button key sticker:

There is a home button on the iPhone 4. This button brings you down to the welcome screen from where you started your navigation. In order to give a specific look to your iPhone you can opt for the silver color or other color button sticker. This would make the button look more unique than others. The weight is only 0.03 kg and the price roams around $8.99.

Middle plate housing faceplates:

A short description could be given to the item saying that it is a plate cover that has high quality metal in it. The sim port and the side buttons are also a part of this middle plate cover. It has a set of red diamond placed in it giving it a vivacious look. The count of the diamond is around 463 pieces. The cover is made out of 24K gold. It has compatibility with the 16 GB and 32 GB iPhone 4. The weight of the product is around 0.30 kg and the cost is around $85.99. This iPhone 4 replacement parts would give an aristocrat look to the cell phone due to the presence of diamonds.

Home button key:

Facing problems with the home button key? Here is a suggestion for you: The Apple iPhone 4 Button key which is purple in color. Facing problems with the home key is really a serious issue. Replacing the home button key with this key may help to cover the damaged part as well result in the proper functioning of the stunning cell phone. Bearing a weight of only 0.05 kg, it's priced at only $1.99 and it's always tested before shipment is done.

Battery door

The battery door may often found to be loosely fit or damaged due to the careless handling. In such cases the sensitive battery may get open to risks and may even get lost. The best idea would be to replace the battery door if it is found in an unsuitable state. A variety of colors including red, magenta, shallow green, purple, turquoise are found to be contained in the various ranges of the battery doors. Priced around 47.5 to $8 and is almost lightest weight in comparison to other iPhones.

Earphone plug parts

This is extremely a unique feature of iPhone 4 to get the earplug plug replaced with another having unique crystal design and blue colors. Almost of metal material and weighs around 0.03kg. The price is around $1.52.

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