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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-08
Reticulated PE protective film is better than transparent when pasted on bright products because of the reticulation, so it is often used in some high-gloss products. With the increase in market demand, the demand for textured PE protective film is increasing. It is almost May now, and the number of reticulated protective films on the market is always in tension. So how is the textured protective film produced? How can the quality be distinguished? 1. Glue coating: Most natural rubber coating is completed in two steps, first coating the primer, and then coating the colloid. Then the pe protective film passes through a longer air heating channel (80-100 C) to ensure that the water or solvent is evaporated. The corona-treated protective film can be directly coated with acrylic glue, no primer is required. 2. Rewinding, slitting, storage: PE protective film is directly rewinded to the length required by the customer on the coating machine. If the customer needs to ensure that the protective film has a beautiful appearance and no bubble wrap, it can be rewinded with a high-quality rewinder to ensure that there is no air wrap. For short protective film (under 500 meters), a straight knife can be used for slitting. Over 500 meters, the heat generated during slitting with a straight knife may melt the PE and make it difficult to unwind. The protective film can generally be stored indoors at 30 degrees, and can be stored for 12 months in a warehouse without direct sunlight since the production date. The higher the temperature, the shorter the storage period, every 10 degrees higher, the storage period will be reduced by half. Water-soluble protective film should avoid contact with water vapor to avoid residual glue. The quality requirements of the textured protective film can be summarized into three points: 1. First, no degumming is required. After the glass processing is completed, when the protective film is removed, no glue or traces should be left on the surface of the processed glass product to keep the product smooth and clean. Beautiful. 2. Good strength and toughness, which means that the mask can withstand the impact force of spraying emery up to 6~8 kg, otherwise it will penetrate the protective film and break the processed object. 3. Appropriate stickiness means that the mask can be adhered to and firmly adhered to the protected glass body, and the protective film can be smoothly removed after the processing is completed, so as not to increase unnecessary due to brittleness, breakage and tearing. trouble.
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