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Motorola Atrix is the latest upcoming smart phone

by:YoukingTech     2021-06-12

Motorola, an American brand name among leading mobile phones has been working hard to develop a phone capable of being the flagship model of the company. Till now the company has not found a any replacement for the successful models in the past. The handsets manufactured under this brand name provide great looks and features to attract customers worldwide. From the first walkie talkie to the latest advanced gadgets, Motorola's name is known to all. The newest upcoming gadget from this manufacturer is named Motorola Atrix, a device expected to take over Apple iPhone 4 with its extraordinary features. This latest launch from seems to be the answer for long yearning.

Motorola Atrix is expected to boast a 4.0 inches touchscreen with a high resolution of 540x960 pixels, a little advanced than the screen size of Apple iPhone 4. Besides the gadget is also expected to possess hi-tech features like biometric fingerprint reader a feature not used in any of the Motorola gadgets till date, Gorilla Glass display, MOTOBLUR UI, accelerometer and proximity sensors adding life to its display properties.

Besides, the gadget will also possess great storage and camera features. With an internal memory of 16 GB and 1 GB RAM which can be expanded up to maximum 32 GB with micro SD card slot, users can store their favorite tracks, photos and data and carry their world with them. A 5 mega pixel primary camera with high resolution of 2592?1944 pixels and a secondary VGA camera will support Geo tagging and image stabilization. Besides, Motorola Atrix is supposed to be running on Android OS v2.2 (Froyo) powered by dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor, marking the entry of Motorola gadgets to dual core processors. Along with that, other features likely to be present in the gadget include 2G, 3G, bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, USB, Wi-Fi etc. along with multimedia applications.

Motorola Atrix deals will be flooding the UK mobile phone market after the launch of this gadget through various service providers, the best one being provided through Motorola Atrix Orange.

It will be made available through the famous contract deals apart from flexible Pay as you go phones and SIM free phones variants out of which Motorola Atrix contract deals are expected to encourage most of the customers to buy the gadget through dual benefit schemes. They will provide the gadget for a specific contract period ranging from 12 to 24 months with fixed monthly rentals along with various free gifts like laptops, LCD TVs, iPods, gaming consoles like Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360, digital cameras, mobile accessories etc. along with various incentives like free texts, minutes etc. varying with the plans. These deals are pre offered in the UK market and will come true after the launch of the gadget, thus providing complete beneficial package to customers.

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